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What say the board? I am thinking B6 and Shavemac Silvertip 2-band

[Image: wIfHzoJ.jpg]

[Image: SCPQSsq.jpg]

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A sublime wet shave is one of life's little joys! Happy Shaving!!

I look forward to the responses. I just got an Alpha T-400 with two ferrules I need to fill with knots. I've already decided on a Declaration B6 for one of them, and already have a beautiful Shavemac two-band silver tip in a Rudy Vey LE horn/jade brush. So I need one more suggestion. Do Paladin, Brad Sears, M&F, Elite, etc. install knots in buyer-provided handles?

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My taste in brushes is similar to you (of course you helped steer as I went looking for new gear) but my thoughts are exactly what you recommended Declaration and Shavemac.
Shavemac silvertip D-01!

And Declaration B6.
Shave yourself.
Nothing wrong with the choices. Ultimately it matters the knots that you want. I would probably choose a 2-band D01 over 2-band Silvertip at the moment, but that could change quickly.

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