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I've noticed for years now knot diameters getting larger and larger. I followed the trend for a time, but I find myself reaching for my smaller knots more often than not.
The smallest knot I've got is 22mm. That is a very nice size for my good self, but lately I've been intrigued by even smaller diameters. I'd like to try a 20mm. I'll freely admit to loving my Simpson brushes, and since the Simpsons 2 band hair seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs, I've grown quite fond of the Simpson Manchurian hair.

So, it could be a Persian Jar 1, Duke 1 or Tulip 1. And, I'm leaning toward the PJ..

Anyone else favor smaller knots?

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I am guilty of going the opposite way; I have completely gravitated towards the larger knots, unfortunately, for my wallet!  Blush

Now, I don't enjoy using anything smaller than 26mm.  
I just find larger knots more luxurious, hold more lather and they allow me to go through my excessive soap collection, quicker. Big Grin

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I don't go for anything over 26mm or under 24mm. That's my comfort zone.

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Love my Persian Jar 1 in Best.

Not so much for my Polo 10. I enjoy my Polo 8, but it's just on the big end of what I do enjoy.

I like the 20 to 26mm range.

Tend to like the lower end size of that range.

Knot size alone isn't the only factor. My 24mm TGN finest feels smaller than a lot of brushes the same dimension.

I have a 26mm two band Rudy Very brush that feels enormous.

My 28mm brush is not favorite even though it's the softest brush I own.

Count me on the medium to smaller preference side.
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I can't really speak to anything but synthetics. It's the only fiber I've tried a variety of knot sizes with. I prefer a 24mm knot, with a loft between 50 and 57mm. For head shaving I love the larger knots. 26mm all the way.

I've learned that the loft/knot ratio is really important for me as well. Somewhere around 2.3:1 - 2.4:1 seems to be about perfect.
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(03-24-2016, 10:41 PM)BlacknTan Wrote: I've noticed for years now knot diameters getting larger and larger. I followed the trend for a time, but I find myself reaching for my smaller knots more often than not.

This is a pretty inaccurate statement, large knot brushes have been made for a very long time. I at one time owned a pre-war Simpson Chubby which shows that large knots have been available for at least 80 years. I also own several other vintage brushes with knots over 26mm. They definitely weren't as plentiful back then, but that probably had more to due with their premium price tag and less of the population having expendable income for what was considered a utilitarian tool.

My personal sweet spot for a brush is 26-28mm with a loft between 50-55mm. I enjoy brushes both larger and smaller than that, but they don't feel quite as "right".

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I tend to like larger knots as well with my sweetspot being around 26mm. The smallest that I typically go is 24mm. I do also agree that the loft really makes a huge difference regardless of knot diameter and generally find that 2:1 is a good feel for my use.
For me, it depends on when I'm shaving.

For the standard morning shave before work, I prefer a smaller knot (22-24mm). I'm usually doing a 2 pass shave, so I don't require mountains of lather, nor do I want to spend the extra time loading or cleaning a larger brush. I've tried using them, but it honestly feels pretty silly.

For weekend shaves however... I take my time and enjoy the ride. I'll usually do a 3 pass + cleanup, so my larger brushes are perfect for this.

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I used my 22mm stirling synthetic on Saturday morning for my shave. I must say, I prefer my razorock 24mm synthetic brush.
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My sweetspot is 25-29 mm these days, depending on hair, knot shape and loft.

Remember - a 25 mm not so dense badger knot fan in 56 mm loft can and will fee larger on your face than a 29 mm densely packed bulb shaped knot in 52 mm loft.
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