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Kamisori on a shoestring budget. The blade is a short Schick ProLine B20. I was hoping to get the same excellent effect as the ProLine in a Feather DX, but there is more to it than just the edge of a blade. It is meant for half a DE blade, but it can hold an injector blade. I might try to get the blade sticking out more.
Note: only do such an experiment with a B20 blade. Other short injector blades have sharp edges and will slice you up (I tried that with a personna blade a few years ago).

The Sanguine R5 is a cheap basic shavette that proves the "you get what you pay for" adage. As a shavette on its own, it is very thin and unpleasant to hold. Anyway, I was was interested to see if a Kamisori style hold would work for me before I plunk down the money on a real razor and it is actually remarkably nice.

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