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Just won this Gillette Red Tip for $21 plus $3 shipping.  Being new with razors, I don't know much about pricing, this at this price I'm not really worried.  This will be a razor I use, so missing some finish and the end caps won't be a big deal.

Other than searching on completed sales, are there other tricks of the trade to see what razors should go for?

[Image: %24_57.JPG?set_id=8800005007]

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Well done! Big Grin Always satisfying when you win your first auction!

I think that pricing has a lot more to do with what you are comfortable paying for something and how badly you want it. I think you got a good price for that razor, even if it is a little scuffed up, if it works, run with it and if you're happy, all the better!

I don't like paying much over $30 for something, not to mention shipping to Canada... Anyway, if it's rare or in really good condition I'd consider going to $50, but I try to sky from that if I can. Like the Schick Repeater I recently got, I paid after shipping $60 for that. The ONLY reason I allowed myself to click buy was because I REALLY wanted that razor for my collection, it's so cool came with all the parts in great condition. Would I pay the same for a mint red tip? No. They aren't as hard to come by, I think anyway, and they aren't as complex, and don't appeal to me as much. But if you're comfortable with it and it's worth it to YOU then by all means! Big Grin

Like everything, personally I think price is just as subjective as the products we use. If it's worth it for you, and you can not only justify the cost and have the cash to burn, the have at. Otherwise, think twice, be careful and don't click buy unless you're really sure Smile

(I'm tired, so I hoped that made some sense...)

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I'm with you on pricing. $30 is about where my comfort level tops out. The collecting bug has never bitten me before. I like to use things. The way the collecting world works is that closer to mint something is, the more it is worth. So, having something that is really valuable from a collectors viewpoint means that you either can't use it, or have to be extremely careful.

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Same here, $30 seems right for my situation and inexperience. I decided to hunt for my birth quarter Gillette Slim, knowing that I wanted it refinished by Delta Echo, so I made a deal with myself not to pay more than what one of the already finished ones cost. I had to be patient but it paid off!

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Saw the pics - that thing is gorgeous. I splurge big on some things, just haven't found that in wet shaving yet.

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Congratulations on the first win. Just wait, it wont take long to go down the slippery slope and start to purchase more razors / supplies.

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Pete, I have a Red Tip and love the way it shaves.  As you pointed out, your razor is to be used so just enjoy it.  If you really love it then you can look for one in better condition or get this one restored but it isn't necessary. Smile
If you have any questions on pricing just ask here. I have only been buying and selling for about a year now but I've become very good very fast. You can contact me here or pm or other shave forums. Greg...my email is. greg12954@yahoo.com. I have many Gillettes for sale and most if not all my razors are close to mint. I am always happy to share my information

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