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I had an old D01 2-Band Silvertip 26 mm fan shaped Shavemac, which I bought in 2012, and never really felt the handle was large enough for my hands.

But still loved the colours and the handle shape and the brush (Okay, I admit it - I never actually used it - just looked at it, and thought it would be very nice, but have used 4 other D01 2-band Silvertips from Shavemac, just not this, because something was not quite........right - the handle was too small)

I fancy larger handles these days, a Chubby 2 is only acceptable, just acceptable to my hands, because it's quite fat/stout. If not - I would have sold all my Chubby 2's by now. A Chubby 1 for me is downright unusabable.

So I asked Bernd if he could help me install a new handle in this knot. He accepted and has delivered a GREAT and a HUGE BIG 22714 handle in jade, just as I ordered.

Used it for todays shave, and WoW - what a great handle shape this is.

My photos do not do this brush justice, but it is what it is - a wonderfull brush and handle, a mediocre couple of pictures  Smile

Shavemac D01 2-band Silvertip, fan shape, custom order - feels like one of the better Simpson Manchurian knots IMHO, great flow through, not scricthy at all, great backbone, soft tips, just a wonderful brush. Does it beat my Simpson Chubby 3 or Chubby 2 Manchurian ? No, but it's just as gret and impressive.

I rank my Shavemac brushes equal in performance to my Simpson brushes, and the custom part makes them that little step better - but Simpson and Shavemac - to me - is neck to neck, when it comes to quality and performance these days.

Now it used to be in this handle, which also was very nice, but too small for me:

[Image: 67o41j.jpg]

Now it's in this jade 22714/Saville Row 3826 handle, which is just an awesome handle shape, handle colour and a very large size, which suits me perfect:

[Image: u60dFUj.jpg]
[Image: wTJAaWU.jpg]
[Image: DEFkHdU.jpg]
[Image: JZYebjr.jpg]
[Image: CO8gBss.jpg]
[Image: ECYkfTc.jpg]

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark

Chazz Reinhold HOF
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Oh, oh, I like them, very nice Claus.  I love my Shavemacs, Bernd is great to work with. Love the handles, the pattern is very nice.

Enjoy them!

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Ahhhhh, the SR3824 shape is one of my favorites. Bernd looks like he came through for you, as he always does.

Beautiful brush Claus.

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Austin, TX
Very nice- I also have had good experiences with Bernd and his 2-band silvertip knots are among the best in the business IMHO.


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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Very nice handle. I've been very, very pleased with Bernd's service and his 2-band silvertip brushes.

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Very nice Claus. What loft was it set at?

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Atlanta, GA
Very Nice. Bravo.

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San Francisco
Lovely! My new Shavemac custom two-band silvertip has quickly become my favorite brush. It's wonderful.

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(03-25-2016, 04:32 PM)Dipesh Wrote: Very nice Claus. What loft was it set at?

55 mm loft, 26 mm knot, but that was in the original handle - don't know what loft Bernd gave it here. It looks a tiny bit shorter, perhaps it's 53 mm loft in the new handle.

Love the brush, it performs so well. Not scritchy at all, backbone, YES, Sir - but a gentle solid nice face massage, not unpleasant like in some of my first D01 2-banders from 2012.

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark

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