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Thousand Oaks, CA
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Hey everyone,
Gareth here from TheHandleBarSupply.com, I'm looking forward to watching this forum grow and I'm glad I made it here in the beginning(ish). 
Already it seems like a great alternative to some of the other sites out there.

I first heard of DFS from Joe (@italianbarber) on his Instagram page. Thanks Joe, always beating me to the punch!
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Los Angeles
Gareth, welcome! Good to see you here Smile

Philadelphia, PA
Thanks for joining.
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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome to DFS, Gareth. Smile
Welcome, Gareth!
---Shannon & Brian Trepka

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Santa Clarita, CA
Hey Gareth! Good to see you here. Hope all is going well.

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Surrey, UK
Welcome to DFS, Gareth.
Welcome to DFS.

Fort Smith, Arkansas
Welcome to DFS.

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