Hello all! I wanted to ask around and see if there's a soap or cream with the scent profile of the scents mentioned in the title of the post. I have a body wash by the Jack Black company with those main scents in there and it smells absolutely amazing! It's a pricey body wash but it's the body wash of Gods in my opinion. So has anyone used used something similar ?


What are the proportions, as far as you can tell? Sounds nice!

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(07-24-2016, 06:14 AM)Mystic Water Wrote: What are the proportions, as far as you can tell? Sounds nice!

I just have a bottle of body wash that has it on the label as the main scent ingredients. It's only available in certain specialty stores and online. I'm not sure of the proportions. The body wash smells so good though. [Image: 330dab65dfb48cf76364c17e10a55508.jpg]


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TFS Uncle Walter has notes of eucalyptus and juniper, together with orange blossom and musk; it is also enriched with juniper berry extract.

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Just juniper, Yushu, by nannyssillysoap.
Cade, by L'Occitane also has juniper scent.
Both smell soft, don't think these match rosemary and eucalyptus.
Hope you find one.

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