I didn’t look real hard but I didn’t see a thread that is dedicated to all aspects about jnats. I thought considering just how popular they are in honing circles that we could use one here on DFS.

I have some thoughts that are likely not to be popular on them, but there is little doubt that when the right stone is paired with the right steels - magic can happen.

For starters here is a new one of mine. Sourced from Alex at Japanstones.

#1210 okudo suita tamago. This was selected specifically to use on my Sprecher razors that use 01 steel. Attached are a couple photos of the stone and the results on an 8/8 Sprecher. [Image: 002c79f42bbdc36f91b138b8ea0030eb.jpg]
[Image: f132c368f06d45cac53213678ceef883.jpg]
[Image: 9303c9f5a468c083c3e29aa341ad2222.jpg]
[Image: b9b3a6993917b7def5fae2a36b6fce52.jpg]
[Image: c0c590e635c0ae89363567aff10c1029.jpg]
Finished after 3 cycles of 3-5 light finish strokes and a few leather laps on strop.

The shave was incredible.

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Congratulations and that is a beautiful stone.
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