I am looking for a good performing jasmine or green tea/ jasime combo scented soap. Any suggestions?
Mystic Water jasmine by far.

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What GloryUprising said Michelle's Jasmine is very good. I do enjoy Dapper Dragons Jasmine Vanilla as well Smile
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I really like the ATT Orange blossom and Jasmine (aka Razorock Cumba Cheech I think) but it may be a little sweeter than I envision a Jasmine/green tea scent would be.
Myrsol just released a Don Miguel 1919 shave soap. If it is anything like the aftershave, then it's the closest to the real thing. Their shave soap is pretty darn good, too.

Mystic Waters would be the next closest, but Michelle's fragrance oil has other floral scents in there as well. The Myrsol is a straight Jasmine to my nose by comparison.

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(07-07-2016, 06:27 AM)GloryUprising Wrote: Mystic Water jasmine by far.

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