Hi, I traded a couple of Japanese razors pictured below, I wonder what's the difference in honing them or make them shave ready vs wedges or hollow grind razors.  The blade on these is a 'slice' of metal only.  Does anyone have experience with these?   Thanks!

[Image: sXTzOlP.jpg]

[Image: v649H3w.jpg]
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Those Japanese framebacks look awesome.
I have honed a couple of framebacks and, since they are infinitely hollow, they take an edge very quickly.

The frame sets the angle for honing, and I tape it for the bevel set just to protect it.
Setting the bevel is a very quick process with such a narrow blade, and if the steel is good they can acquire a ridiculously sharp edge.

I finished my J A Hellberg frameback with 0.05u lapping film, and it gives one of the best shaves I've ever had.

And they certainly feel different in the hand and on the face, like a very beautiful and kind shavette only much much better.

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