Seems shipper is cheaper on some products, odd.
It all ships from Niagara Falls so if your in the US it will be. I've ordered from them in the past and actually had a couple items ship from Canada. Also maybe compare the prices shown on eBay to what is on site. May be a tad more to cover the shipping difference or could even be older stock.

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It's cheaper to buy from the IB eBay store if you only want one thing. The $6.95 flat shipping direct from IB is kind of steep.

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Due to weight anything that hits the priority mark is now $6.85. Post office went up around $1.50 for priority mail. The IB shipping price is actually about right.

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One soap won't go that high though.
I'm not affiliated with IB so don't take what I say as defending them. This goes for a number of companies. I have no clue as to what it costs IB to make/have made, their products. They may have a small mark up to keep the price of said soap low and more appealing financially to a new user/budget conscious customer. Regardless of weight of the product they may have a minimum shipping fee to help cover the costs of both shipping and the soap it's self.

How many times have you seen something on line, went through the entire checkout process, and found the shipping the be a couple dollars extra than what you figured? By that time most people just say heck with it and accept that couple extra and be done. Just simple economics and human nature.

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What's that have to do with their different shipping cost on their site vs their eBay store?
Really I was just trying to understand. I'd figured they'd be the same cost and shipping on both.

For example it's cheaper to buy 100 blades on their eBay then their site.
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May depend on if it's shipped from Niagara Falls, NY or Canada and if payment is going to NY or Canada if you consider exchange rates. Best way to find out would be to shoot them email and ask. They may be willing to answer. I have heard some say they are pretty good at responding and answering questions. If you do and find out let us know. I'm sure other are interested in knowing the answer to your question as well.

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