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Happy Independence Day America!

Have your cookouts, but also let's not forget the price that was paid for our freedom, and let's not give it up freely to those who would give us a few dollars so that they can control us.


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Des Moines, IA

I sent a text message to my kids reminding them that today is much more than just a holiday.

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Thank you for that historical piece and Happy Independence Day to you and all Americans from your friends in Canada.  Its all too easy nowadays to take liberty for granted and to assume that a powerful America was always powerful and that those men just declared their independence and it happened.  You have reminded us with that piece that independence and liberty were never guaranteed and it came at a very high price for those courageous enough to stand up for it.  Looking around today I think its still clear that liberty is not guaranteed and I think the danger is as great today as its ever been.

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