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I like the weight of my EJ razor, but the chrome is already showing signs of wear, and I gather that once the chrome wears through the zinc alloy underneath goes pretty quickly. I've tried an iKon 102 (Bulldog handle) & found it way too heavy. Thinking of trying a Maggard MR1 handle, as that seems to be the lightest steel handle around. Are ZAMAK, steel, and plastic it as far as inexpensive materials are concerned?

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Aluminum is another option.

I have a Seygus razor from Thalasos and it is by far the lightest razor I own. You can remove the weight from the handle if you really want a feather weight too.

Mild yet efficient shaver and if you are looking for light weight, one you may want to consider.

There is a pass around going on if you wanted to check it out as well.

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I find most stainless steel razors to be too heavy unless using a short handle (ATT Atlas). I've started pairing my SS heads with titanium handles with great results. You can get the length and girth you want without adding a bunch of weight. And the light handle lets the head "turn in" really well.

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You can always get an aluminum handle. I have a few and they are very light and much lighter than the stock EJ handle.
Also, there is Titanium, but that will, usually, be much more expensive.
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Or, if you're willing to try an SE razor, Gem Featherweights and Schick injectors can be found on ebay for less than $20. They are light, inexpensive and shave well, IMHO.

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jimofthecorn, I weighed around 15-20 razors in my other thread here that you might have some interest in:
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If you're willing to try a vintage razor, both the Wilkinson Sticky and the Schick Krona are quite light and durable.
There's also the Merkur bakelite razors (MK030) that weigh only 15 grams @ 1/2 ounce. For vintage razors the WWII Gillette Tech had a bakelite handle I believe.
Have you tried an all aluminum standard razor?

Very efficient but also light weight.

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(04-14-2016, 04:46 PM)GloryUprising Wrote: Have you tried an all aluminum standard razor?

Very efficient but also light weight.

That's another great call Spencer.

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