Hello. I shave daily with 3 passes(WTG, XTG AND ATG). I get irritation below the jaw and on the neck. I use D'amaris shave cream or Palmolive shave cream, a Whipped Dog 22 mm knot silvertip badger brush, a Wilkinson Sword Classic(the one you get from the supermarket), a D'amaris aftershave https://www.emag.ro/after-shave-lotiune-...D65X0LBBM/ and a Gillete blue or red blade. No matter how smooth of a touch I use with the razor I get irritated. I also have problems with creating a lather. I apply the cream on he brush and then to my face, but by the 3'rd pass the lather is very thin. Any solutions?
I would try going to a 2 pass shave until your jaw and neck heal. I have sensitive skin, so I never do more than 2 passes. I would rather get a comfortable shave over BBS, so 2 passes is fine for me. I would also suggest bowl lathering. I feel like it gives you a little more control. Face lathering could be contributing to your irritation as well.

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I would surmise the principal issue is your technique. You are most likely applying too much pressure with the razor or using an incorrect angle, but if that is not the case, then I would assume the razor (and blade combination) is not working for you. The only other thing might be that your lather is not properly hydrated.
I have one of those plastic razors and I don't find them to be very good shavers, unfortunately. Some razors and blades just don't agree with our skin/face and you may have to try something else.
Good luck.
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Jaw line and neck are probably the most troublesome spots if you ask. These are the spots where the hair grow is all possible directions, Upwards, sideways, spiral etc etc.

Apart from the technique stated by others you need to do face mapping and shave only in the direction of hair.

I also recommend a thorough prepping. A good 2-3 min face wash with Luke warm water will soften the hair.

PS : Load more soap and keep the lather hydrated by adding water slowly and gradually. You might not be doing it right. A lather shot will rather reveal the actual picture.

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There’s already some really good advice above. Therefore, I’m sorry if this gets a bit repetitive, but…

• Lather: Use a little more soap than you’re used to, and see if that’ll help keep the lather thick and also protect the skin a little more. (Remember to also use enough water, but try adding water slowly, instead of all at once.)
• Passes: If there’s irritation, it’s probably best to keep the number of passes to one or two. Skip a shave now and then to let your skin rest.
• Growth: Be sure to find out what your “with-the-grain direction” is all over your face and neck, and focus on mostly shaving with the grain for a while.
• Blade Angle: I find that a shallow angle (the top cap close to your skin) is often the best, because that way the “mass of the blade” follows right behind the cutting edge, and the blade is more rigid. With a steep angle, the edge of the blade is on its own, and that can lead to skipping, the temptation to apply too much pressure, etc. However, try different angles and see what works for you. (Sometimes it depends on the razor.)

Good luck!

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Thanks everybody for the advice.

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Good post Mat!

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