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Good morning, I've been successfully wet shaving since July. I purchased a DE kit from Maggards for my birthday and that was the start of a new obsession. I've since picked up a few vintage razors, multiple modern DEs, and a straight. I'm still getting my toes wet with the last one.

My current favorite setup is Mickey Lee's Drunken Goat, B&M Hallows Tonique, Atlas S1 with Polsilver, and my Custom Shavemac 2 band Silvertip. (Subject to change)

DFS has been recommended to me a few times as a place for good information and as a place to talk with people who share my interests. I've lurked around a little bit and thought I'd make it official.

Look forward to spending some time here and getting comfortable.


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Hey, Cameron, welcome to DFS. It sounds like you are off to a very good start. Smile

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Welcome to DFS Praise_the_fireborn. You are definitely off to a great start with some solid HW and SW.

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From one new member to another...WELCOME!
-Chris~Head Shaver~

Salt Lake City
Thank you for the warm welcome!

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Welcome to DFS Cameron
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Welcome to the forum.

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Cameron, welcome!

Welcome Cameron!
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Hello and welcome!

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