2019 DFS LE - Eleven Soap & Aftershave Splash goes on sale 5/19/19! Read more here!!

At long last, we're introducing Paladin Ebonite-handled shaving brushes in our online shop. See: https://www.paladinshaving.com/pages/pal...ng-ebonite. The first release is set for today (Saturday, January 12) at 2:00 PM Central. At that time the Paladin Ebonite Brush Collection page (accessible through the Shop Ebonite button) will be populated with photos of the brushes included in today's offering. We've been saving up for a while; future releases will be much smaller.

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Congratulations Ken! I’ve lusted after Paladin’s Ebonite Brushes for a long time, I can’t wait to see your first release. Well done!

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A true Yo-Yo
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Excellent!  They look beautiful. Dibs on the purple Lotus (just kidding - no dibs allowed).  Can you share knot info?
Thanks. Knot codes will be included with photos when the release goes live. Sorry we didn't do a preview for this one. It just didn't work out.

A true Yo-Yo
No worries. Thanks for the great brushes.

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Congrats Ken, those are beautiful.

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[Image: f7nJZy7.jpg][Image: 3hjuFRB.jpg]

I was lucky enough to snag this Beauty, can’t wait! Thank you Ken and Dark Holler Crew. I’ve admired and enjoyed your work for a long time, and I’m looking forward to finally being able to use one of your Ebonite Brushes.

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Those really are beautiful, Ken.

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A true Yo-Yo
These are beautiful Ken. Took three tries to get this one:

[Image: nkce1uk.jpg]

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Beautiful brushes. Only a few left! Hurry!

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