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Arizona, USA
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#1 Drop everything you're doing and grab one of our long awaited ORIGINAL, Indestructible, Shatterproof Scuttles! Perfect for the Road Warrior or the Ceramically Challenged!

Travel Scuttle Kit :
~ 1 Shatterproof Travel Scuttle
~ 1 Non Corrosive, Silicone Stopper
~ 1 Microfiber Travel Pouch
~ 1 Planet Phoenix Travel Soap & Reusable Jar
~ Made From Space Age Polypropylene
~ Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
~ Scuttle is Recyclable #5 Plastic

#2 CUBE Pomade Degreasing Shampoo
Our latest in CUBE Technology and sure to be a favorite among our Pomaded brethren!

#3 Galactic Aloe Vera Gel
The latest in our essential Galactic Line and a must for every shave den!

Have A Wonderful Weekend Folks, Shave On & Stay Groovy!

Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving

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