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A few years ago when I was playing around with glycerine soap I got the bright idea of adding some of KFs scent to Clearly Natural from the supermarket. For those who don't know glycerine soaps melt easily in the microwave and Clearly Natural is better than at least one shave soap that is widely talked down after reformulation. Clearly Natural isn't billed as a shave soap. Just don't walk away as it's melting because the difference between a melted soap and a huge mess in the MW is just a few degrees.

Anyway, one of the experiments that I tried was to add some menthol to the melted soap. This soap has been in my cabinet unused since I've had my Frostbite soap, so today was the first time I used it in the shower to use it up and get it out of the cabinet. I sort of figured that it might be interesting when lather got into my private parts, and yup... interesting. Think having certain parts of the anatomy with ice applied. Not at all painful, just interesting. A warm shower and still icy. What can I say? Cheap thrills.

I might make more of it Big Grin . It was fun. I just wish I could remember how much menthol I added.

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The things I learn on this site! Big Grin

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This is exactly why mentholated talcum is a man's best friend in the summer heat.
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Central Maine
Makes sense to me!

I just finished a bar of Stirling's Margaritas in the Arctic soap and yeah....interesting is the right word for it hehe.
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