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Thanks to a magazine that Freddy sent us my wife decided to collect ink bottles. But at antique stores she realized she did not like the vintage poorly sealed wells and bottles. On that same trip she found a crystal perfume bottle that she re-purposed into ink containers.

We were antiquing last weekend and she wound up with three new additions.

An odd little fellow that is surprisingly crystal.
[Image: OMLIkk9.jpg]

A Waterford Crystal decanter. This is my favorite of all of her bottles.
[Image: MS5pyjf.jpg]

This is a cool little bottle. Notches cut into the back form the "Eiffel Tower" or something when viewed from the front
The notches. At first we thought this was broken.
[Image: yi1RLHA.jpg]

The Eiffel Tower
[Image: VYvGczh.jpg]

This is the display case of her collection.
[Image: 7IBmFrp.jpg]
[Image: ESa2y56.jpg]
[Image: osF3NqJ.jpg]
[Image: QGukSkA.jpg]
[Image: 1KhkREV.jpg]


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