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(09-07-2015, 02:25 PM)Chuck Wrote: I wrote my first article for Sharpologist!

I tried to sort out all the confusion and rumors that surround the various Personna blades, including the rumors that the U.S. factory will be closing. It won't. Lab Blues and Med Preps will continue to be produced by the same employees, at the same place, on the same equipment, but under new ownership.

Thanks Chuck, I use the Blues in my Gillette Redtip and they really perform well.


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So I ordered some personna lab on Amazon and showed this pic
[Image: df2a2bed4deda71fa3ae5da99b6ab07d.jpg]
But I got these
[Image: 60e90edf8d2025cdf1c6b36d2ec4afb2.jpg]
So are they same quality or different?

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I'd say they are the same Personna blues in updated packaging. Are the blades in white wax paper or blue? My money says they are in the white wrapper. This tells me you got some newer production AccuTec/Personna blades.
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True irony
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Does the blade have writing on it?
Shave yourself.
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Same blades I got they are the lab blues. They say personna super on them and made in USA.
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I keep reading references to Med Preps, Lab Blues and Personna Blues as if they are different blades. The Surgical Prep Products page on AccuTec's Personna Medical website shows only one model of double-edge blade, the Personna Double Edge Prep Blade. Item # 74-0002-0000 is the 100-pack and item # 74-0010-0000 is the 250-pack. Looking at that page on archive.org shows this was the case even as far back as March 2012.

Why all the nicknames when the blades already have an official product name? And on what basis are people claiming there aretwo or three different varieties of Personna double-edge medical blades? Just curious and wanting to get my blade types straight.

Rlacrossjr, are there any item numbers on the boxes in your photos? If so, what are they?
Probably totally wrong but the med preps still made in VA plant feel the same as the older ones.
The so called labs or comfort coated, were the same as the med preps without the extra sterilization. I would agree with that the labs and meds were the same blade, but old packaging.
These new version of the Lab are garbage. Unless you like a 6 pass shave.
[Image: df9ece59c19fe365e1f59e7b24223bc3.jpg]

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(10-02-2016, 03:02 AM)Rlacrossjr Wrote: These new version of the Lab are garbage. Unless you like a 6 pass shave.
Those blades whose box is shown in the photo are made in the USA or somewhere else?

West Coast USA
This is one of those blades that never connected with me. Not sure why, everyone else loves them but my skin just didn't.

On the plus side I traded them 1:1 for Bleue Extras Big Grin
First, nice article. I recall reading before as a visitor and read again today.

From my limited experience, love the Med Prep in my favorite and mild razor (Seygus). Not impressed with the Personna Blues in another milder razor. (Hone 15a) and another razor before.

I found some irony with Personna Reds (Israeli) came in blue packaging before.
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