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Halifax in the old country, that is ... UK.

Hi! I'm Paul. Thanks for having me here!

I'm an incurable collector of single edge razors, love 'em, love shaving with them, love polishing them, love fondling them. Love 'em!

I see a good number of names here that I know from other places around the internet, so to you guys "Hi again!" and to those who I have yet the pleasure of getting to know, "Hi!".

See you around ...

Super Moderator
San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome to DFS, Paul. Smile

Los Angeles
Hi Paul! Welcome Smile

Leeds, UK
Can one ever go anywhere without somebody from 'Fax arriving?!  Tongue
Express Relief from Stubble Trouble ...
Cheers, chaps!

Arnhem. NL
Welcome PJGH Smile We don't have a kennel for your whippet, but we can surely organise a hook for your flat cap Wink
That'll be champion. Ta, muchly.

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