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Everybody may already know this but I didn't - ikon is planning a SE razor in the near future.  Saw this:


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dang, another SE that doesn't use the gem blades. Sad

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(03-15-2016, 04:45 AM)andrewjs18 Wrote: dang, another SE that doesn't use the gem blades.  Sad

Agreed Sad Hell, at this point, I'll accept another razor that uses the injector blades and be happy! (loving the Stick Schick btw Big Grin lol ) But really, come on razor makers, gives us a new GEM using razor, even if it's just the head we can thread onto an existing handle!

Still, I might this iKon anyway... Tongue

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I didn't know they did. I'm a DE guy myself but I suppose the more options, the better. I don't have any SE's in my den, perhaps one day I'll try one.

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Like Aurelian28 I have no SE razors in my stable - I know that there seem to be plenty of SE enthusiasts so maybe they're on to something. One day I might give it a try, however, for the time being I'm sticking with DE razors. Life seems complicated enough already without adding one more choice to make each morning - SE or DE?

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I'm with everyone else who was hoping for a modern SE that uses GEM blades. Oh well, I guess that means that GEM and Ever Ready SEs will stay cheap on eBay, at least hopefully until I get around to pulling the trigger on a Streamline.

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I'm happy with my Micromatic, so a modern GEM style SE doesn't shake my tree, but that's me :-)

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Probably will take at least a year to bring to market. The new slant is not even being offered for sale and it's been over a year since they announced it.

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