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This is the last rest stop before I will be off the grid for the weekend and camping with my boys;looking forward to it!  This has been eating at me for weeks.  I got my shavecraft tech roughly a month ago and love the shave, the razor, etc.  the Knurling is horrendous.  Ive tried to tell myself you don't shave with the handle, but at nearly a hundred dollars, it should be better. I've contacted the vendor I purchased this from to see if I got a lemon or if this is "standard" in Ikon handles since this is my first razor from this maker. 

Pictures would be helpful but the discrepancies might not even be visible until you hold the handle and look at it.  The best way I can describe this is that it looks like a Maggard MR 3 or mr8 when looking at the knurling and comparing them side by side.  Here's the difference, Maggard clearly indicates the knurling isn't great on their offerings and shouldn't be for the price point, I agree, and I was ok with that disclaimer up front before I purchased their offerings long ago.

However, for a nearly one hundred dollar razor, I find this knurling and handle to almost be insulting.  It shaves well, performs well, but so do a lot of razors 1/3 of the price.  Like I said, I don't have anything to compare it to in terms of the ikon line.  Did I get a lemon or is the knurling this piss poor on these handles?  It's dull, looks dirty and certainly doesn't shine.  Muhle handles look better, PAA symmetry handle is what I thought this handle would and should look like its not even close PAA is light years ahead in knurling.  I'd love to know.  I'm hoping I got a lemon
What handle do you have?
I have the OSS on my 104 and it is lovely.
Maybe you got a dud.

But I've emailed Ikon a couple of times with some questions and so far have got no reply, so maybe their customer service is a bit nonchalant which would be a shame for such excellent razors.

In any case whether it's a dud or not, you're the customer so if YOU are not happy with the handle you need to let them know and they need to address the issue.

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