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Picked up this little curio from the bay. A bit of a punt to be honest but I was drawn to it with the twist handle. All brass construction. No markings. Could be an ultra rare razor or a big pile of the dogs Doo Daas. I simply don't know.
Bought from Eastern Europe.
Should shine up nice
Any thoughts as to origin/ Identity

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I have no idea but that certainly is one interesting piece. Let us know how it shaves. Smile

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does it use standard de blades?

love the look of the handle..
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I hope it takes standard blades. Minor detail I forgot to ask before purchasing. Fingers crossed

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(09-10-2015, 10:02 AM)Miles853 Wrote: I hope it takes standard blades. Minor detail I forgot to ask before purchasing. Fingers crossed

It looks like it should. One of the only vintage DE razors that doesn't take the standard DE blades is the Segal, they tried to reinvent the wheel and it didn't go over so well. Albeit, they looked pretty cool opening!
As for the razor you picked up, no idea. Are there any markings or date codes/ patent numbers under the baseplate?
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Still waiting on it arriving but according to the seller he said in the listing, no markings but possibly of German origin. Will give it a closer inspection and clean up when I get it and report back
Received the Razor. Cleaned up peachy. Definitely no markings so at a loss as to its identity. Takes normal DE blades but does have a BIG overhang at the sides.
Bout the same size as a Gillette Tech. The twist handle is lovely in the hand

[img][Image: image_zpsx0lurrg0.jpg][/img]

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Have you tried shaving with this razor? I am curious how it shaves.
Yeah sweet shave with it. Smooth. Great results. Only very slight downside is the overhang of the blade but not a biggie. Polished up nice. A keeper in the den

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I saw that on the Bay. Cool razor.

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