I bought a Wolfman OC head with a .61 gap with ATT Bamboo handle from a seller on this site - it arrived today - I was surprised to see that is has no markings or stampings at all (pics attached)
All of the wolfman baseplates I've seen were stamped - I have no reason to doubt the seller but is there a way to confirm this is a wolfman baseplate and cap?
Thank you
[Image: H1gqdwb.jpg]
[Image: sWc82NG.jpg]

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It looks like one, other then markings I think just compare to known razors

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I think earlier ones didn’t have engraving. Definitely looks genuine

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Yeah, earlier ones didn't have the engraving. This definitely looks like a Wolfman razor to me.
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Early razors didn’t have markings, pre June May 2015 receipt.
Great - that's *very* helpful - thank you all!

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Concurred you have an early dufour razor. To my opinion, even more valuable due to rarity
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Thanks Dan (and all) - learning so much from this site!

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I've had one. Definitely genuine.
great, thank you!

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