Hi All,
Haven't been active much since my losing fight with a TABLE SAW

I stopped in to read but haven't posted in 7 months. My hand has recovered quite nicely so I can handle a keyboard. I am a leftie and it was my left hand I mangled.

I had 3 surgeries. This is a pic of my hand after the second surgery. The index finger was so damaged (partial amputation) they used a button to anchor and hold everything together.
My thumb and middle finger were also partial amputations but not as bad as the index finger.
[Image: kDCOK6i.jpg]

My first surgery was December 14, 2020 and the last was February 3, 2021. This is my hand after the last cast was removed.
[Image: vZzAYnF.jpg]

I started physical therapy after the above picture and still go twice a week. It has been an arduous task but my hand is doing great. I have all 5 digits and they are all the correct length!!

ML has been a Godsend. She was my nurse, my cook, my secretary and my chauffer. I call her my "LEFT hand man" Smile 
I was out of work for 2 weeks then worked from home until mid February. She sat in on video conferences and took notes, typed emails and reports and drove me to work to sign documents. We are an OTC manufacturer and are highly regulated. Lots of documentation.

Once I went back to work ML did some online shopping on my behalf. She got me elastic waisted dress pants - no belt needed!! I could neither thread the belt through the loops nor buckle it. She also got me slip on dress boots.
[Image: kuZlLmh.jpg]

Tying laces was not an option. Even the above slips were hard to put on. So she got me a giant shoe horn.
[Image: ArB3ORV.jpg]

But the best gizmo is this multi function tool for people lacking dexterity.
[Image: EQ6Zmw3.jpg]

The hooks help pull up zippers or buckle pants. I use the second from the left implement the most. It is a button faster.
[Image: A9pPNvc.jpg]

You slide it through the hole, snag the button and pull it back through the hole. Buttoning my shirt went from a 4 minute exercise in frustration to under a minute of easy work.

So yes - I am now a big boy and can dress my self!! Big Grin 

All in all things are going great. I can do most chores and tasks required of me. My index finger bends laterally towards the middle finger. I tell people that is a new bonus - I can pick my nose from around the corner. I am doing so well my PT drops to once a week starting Monday.

I am glad to be posting again.


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Welcome back, Phil.  I knew the accident was bad but didn't realize just how bad until this post.  Here is wishing you a speedy recovery and do send my best to Mary Lou. Smile

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Wow, what a journey you've been going through. 
   That does look like a handy multi tool.
Hope you continue to improve from this point on.

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welcome back, PhilNH5
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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Welcome back! I wondered where you went to. I put the blame on a lousy 'net provider after your move. If you had only been so lucky!

You've been through hell!
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So glad you’re back and with a high percentage of your digits!  Lefties, whatcha gonna do….  Hey,I’m a lefty too and although the pics are a bit shocking I’m glad you are stitched back together.  Boots look nice.  Big shoe horn looks useful.  And that zipper pull, button gizmo is just awesome.

Welcome back. Glad to hear that you are recovering well. Thanks for the tip on the gizmo tool and great pictures. I just ordered one on Amazon. My wife and I converted all of our lace up shoes to use Lock Laces, which eliminates having to tie laces. They also make the shoes with laces into easy slip-on and more comfortable to walk in.
You have a great attitude and that is everything...after an injury such as yours. Best to you and your continuing recovery. Look forward to your posts.

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I’m so happy to see you back and to hear that you’re not just coping, but your kicking it. Indomitable. 

I had to deal with doing things one handed temporarily after each of three shoulder surgeries. Personal grooming and dressing were a challenge. That button gizmo is very cool. I found what I consider to be the best one handed dental flosser brand Listerine. If you’re interested 

I also found a great one handed egg cracking device-I could never master the tv chef one handed crack. 

I wish you all the best with your continuing rehab.

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