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This is great, not only because of the unique condition of the fossil but because it is a reminder that we still have much to discover and learn.

When I was a kid in Southern California, I spent some weekends with my grandparents, who lived in an apartment across the street from Exposition Park in Los Angeles, where my grandfather was a security guard at the Natural History Museum. Naturally, he had keys, so on Sundays he and I would walk over and go into the closed museum, where I would wander for hours looking at the dinosaur fossils, insect collections, mammal dioramas, and Egyptian mummies. After that we would stroll over to the La Brea tar pits, where it was really easy for me to imagine the trapped mastodons and sabertooth cats. Great times.
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John, it amazes me how these articles can trigger the imagination.  While I didn't have ingress to a museum on a quiet day, as you did, as Brooklynites, I can remember my parents taking my sister and me to the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan and the wonder that opened in our minds.  Our planet really does remain a fantastic place. Smile

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