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Time For Another Phoenix Shaving Seasonal Classic, I Gingerbread Man!

Scent Profile: Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Molasses, Brown Sugar, Vanilla and Atomic Age Bay Rum!

Well folks, it turns out I Gingerbread Man survived last years hunt and is back at his usual shenanigans! Many of you will remember I Gingerbread Man's EPIC take on Bay Rum; Festive, Nostalgic & Spicy Masculine...but I know a few of year are hearing about this one for the first time...so lets get into it!

I Gingerbread Man?

Once more we crossed a strain of Atomic Age Bay Rum DNA with something unexpected. This time with Gingerbread and man did that stuff just come to life and start dancing around the room!
Just the faintest whiff of gingerbread and that mythical taunt reverberates around my brain.

"Run, Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man!" The nerve of that little jerk, right? He also has the mouth of a sailer...I blame the Bay Rum for that.
Well, after kicking back a few rather potent egg nogs, I decided to take that classic holiday tale and shoot it far into the future! Meet I Gingerbread Man, a rebellious, robotic cookie that escapes captivity, and up until now, has always been one step ahead of his would-be captors. However, his constant clever moves, tricks, evasion tactics and monotonous snappy retorts have now inspired them to put a generous reward on that crumby, little, demon spawn head of his. Who's laughing now cookie man?

Enter Corsac-23, a Cybotic Bounty Hunter and, incidentally, a celebrated Latin Dance Instructor in his down time. Corsac-23 is certainly in for the ride of his life...um, electronic existence (?), and I Gingerbread Man has surely met a more than competent rival with some snazzy moves ta boot...

Who will win this galactic cat and mouse game taking place across all space and time? How far will I Gingerbread Man go to stay out of the Cosmic Cookie Jar? Keep the faith folks for it seems I Gingerbread Man still has a few, funky steps of his own left up his frosted sleeves, Robo Ginger Style!

Honestly, I may just leave the outcome in your court my friends. [Image: 1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeE95pnLtT0Y2F-RZYlOd...U3Q-KjJgYg]:)

A Note On The Scent

Seriously, I Gingerbread Man is AMAZING! Both fans of Bay Rum & Gourmand will fall in love with this blend immediately. I should also mention, this scent blend is Very Gingerbread  forward, so even if you are typically not a Bay Rum fan you will still enjoy it!

If you have yet to grab a holiday scent or want to add something really special to your collection, I Gingerbread Man is it...catch that little Robo Gingerbread Man if you can!

Happy Holidays & Happy Hunting!
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