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Hello brothers.

As some of you may know, I usually enjoy sets of soap and splashes from Macduff's and ETHOS.

But recently I added to my den Terry's Soap series from Hwayeon Soap Co., made in South Korea.

I was really glad because Korean wet shavers could enjoy our local shave soap at last.

We hadn't been able to see any artisan in Korea before Terry, the soap maker, showed up.

I would like to introduce one of his items, Spicy Wood.

Here we go. Let's look at the label.

[Image: U5h9DzF.jpeg]

White and Black, very simple but looks balanced and classy.

I didn't post SOTD of this set on DFS but on my Instagram with the picture below.

[Image: AxkwrRn.jpeg]

Of various sets from Terry's Soap, I like this Spicy Wood set most.

I will write the reason below.


Spicy Wood is inspired by Spice and Wood of Creed.

I can tell you that this set smells just the same as Spice and Wood. 

A month ago, I shaved and applied the splash of Spicy Wood and then visited Creed store in a department store.

I didn't plan to test the scent but was very curious about how similar the set is to the perfume.

Dang I got shocked because they were exactly the same.

Let's look at the notes of the perfume.

[Image: HT16vL9.png]

To my nose, Spicy Wood(soap and splash) leads me to citrus feast at first and then to clove which suits citrus scents a lot in my opinion.

Finally, the scent ends with woody and earthy smell but it doesn't feel heavy.

I feel as if I stood under citrus tree in the sun with breeze touching me softly.

The general scent gives the urban feeling and suits a classy gentleman in a navy suit just like in the picture below.

[Image: yLvwrxX.png]
source - https://www.vecteezy.com/photo/32432397-...t-painting

Now let's take a look at the lather.


[Image: toOEjgm.jpeg]

[Image: YyI1cC9.jpeg]

When it comes to the lather, we can make thick, sticky lather or thin lather depending on the amount of water.
Most of soaps show some weakness when they make thin lather but whether it is thin or not, Terry’s Soap provides great quality of it, which leads to high slickness and therefore wonderful gliding of razors.

I guess it is because of the features of horse fat(oil).
Unlike most brands, the base of Terry's Soap is the top Korean Mare milk (horse oil)
It is said to be skin beneficial, have unsaturated fatty acid, contain protein, water, and lots of vitamin E, and have smoothness and good spreadability to make thin film on the skin surface. It is also similar to human's fat so very human-friendly. Finally it has some ingredients which constitute a skin barrier.

That's why the performance is that good thanks to those features and it doesn't irritate the skin at all.

The lather feels like real cream, very creamy and soft.

[Image: oLOjB8W.jpeg]

I added additional water to the lather for shaving with a straight razor in very slick condition.

You can make a little bit thick lather anytime.

I recommend Terry's Soap to beginners because it is very easy to lather even though you may mistakenly add additional water.

I tested to know when the lather becomes dry and disappears. I actually waited for five minutes but it still lasted in good condition.

Well so far, I reviewed on Terry's Soap and didn't write any negative opinion because I found nothing negative just like Macduff's and ETHOS.

I usually write a review after using several times and when I find some very poor or mediocre, I don't even write a review.

I don't think the items which are good for me are also good for other people but I do think the items which are poor to me are also poor to them.

But I think the items I write on, which are good for me, could show a positive possibility to people. 

So if you have any question, I will gladly answer. 

Thank you for reading my long review !

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