DFS Horizon Collaboration with Black Mountain Shaving. Going live on 11/17/23. Read more here!!


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The ingredient mentioned in this video Sodium Citrate is also used in many shaving soaps, shampoos, bar soap, etc.. to boost lather! And a boatload of other food products one buys from supermarkets.


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When I saw what the subject was I stopped watching. If I cover what the video covers, well, that's why.

It's also the naturally occurring active ingredient in wine that makes cheese fondue possible and what makes American cheese work. If you've been following this, with sodium citrate you can make your own process cheese of your own formula. I make a blend of cheddar and blue for burgers. I also have been known to add a (weighed out) pinch of SHMP (sodiumhexametaphosphate).

It's just Modernist Cuisine. Is it worth making your own cheese sauce? You betcha. It can also be used on veggies.

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