[font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]I have a feeling that when this comes to an end, the wet shaving world won't be the same.

Personally, I am one of those that won't need anything for the foreseeable future. I use to be a hoarder in my early days and still have dozens of untouched products. My enthusiasm for new fancy products is long gone, but even if it were up there, I'd have lost my interest due to the latest events.

Italy, one of the most important countries shaving wise, if not the most important (that's what I believe to be honest), is having a major issue. The whole country is in quarantine with thousands of cases and over a thousand of dead people. Will the famous companies come out as survivors despite the huge economic crisis? I hope so. The same with Spain.

How about the shaving stores, artisans, online vendors? Are they able to withstand the massive economic hit? Only the largest I think. Buying shaving stuff is certainly not a priority anymore for the majority of the hobbyists, even if it were prior to the virus outbreak. Hoarders will probably stock some of their favorites, but I think that most already have a large stock of them. How many more do they need? I am of the opinion that this will affect the artisans' creativity. If the demand is not like it used to be (it won't be for sure) and humanity has more important things to deal with, then why continue offering innovative products? Would that make any difference? Would it be a better idea to offer them in the future, when all these come to an end? If I were an artisan, these would be some of my thoughts. I'm not in the business, so I just make a few assumptions. If some go out of business, this will be awful, but I won't care that much as that's how the market works. Economy needs crisis like this from time to time but that's a different discussion. I also happen to have lots of products, so my routine won't change. That may sounds selfish of me, but we can't do anything about it. Only the best and the luckiest survive. That's how our society is built.

The forum participation will most probably increase, as most people now have lots of time on their hands. Many counties are in quarantine and people are locked up in their homes (the smart people at least). BST section will reflect the market trends, there won't be much interest for products, unless they're offered in very low prices (this already happens).

We'll see. This will last for months (hopefully, not more) and we'll be here to see the outcome.

What's your opinion?


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I think there will be a temporary decrease in demand but everything will eventually go back to normal. I especially agree with the smart ones staying in. Too many people aren't taking this as seriously as they should.

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It’s going to hurt everyone and our hobby is no different. Businesses will die. As always, the customers will decide which businesses survive this. If you’re fortunate enough to be in a good position, consider purchasing from your favorite business or artisan during this crisis. You may not have a chance to after it’s over.

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The first name in Italian products that comes to my mind is Proraso. I believe they will be just fine. I don't think they rely on the hobbyist crowd and as they are really a value priced brand, I'd say they are in a pretty good position to survive.

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I can definitely relate to "The forum participation will probably increase, as people now have lots of time on their hands," lol.
Even though I've lost business because of this (in an industry not related to shaving), I will somehow survive.
Just like H1N1, SARS, MERS, Asian bird flu, swine flu, heck even Spanish flu and the bubonic plague; this will be overcome.
It's terrible that people are dying of this, and it's also terrible that people die of anything at all.

But until the govt. suspends my use of the World Wide Web, or declares martial law and prevents me from leaving my house, or bans my sending and receiving of packages via the Post Office; I will continue to buy/sell/trade soaps, creams, razors, brushes, and (every couple of years) 100-packs of blades.
I agree with what Blackland Razors was saying. If you're thinking of buying any shave related stuff, now is a great time to do it.

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Wow! My investment portfolio took a hit today and trading was only a short time. I wish I could get folks to not panic. I'm a whitewater river guy (and still guide occasionally) and the worst thing to do in a bad situation is panic. I remember as a kid watching a man try to swim in super bubbly water. Because of the entrained air it has a lower buoyancy and he was sinking. My dad leaped right on top of him from his perch on the bank and drove both he and the drowning client to the bottom, where the current shot them out the tail,and into hard water. Both swam easily to,safety. Had the guy not fought the river he would have been fine.

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This event will change everybody in one way or another.

I have many fond memories of life pre-9/11, and subsequent life post 9/11.

This event will be no different.

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Unless you make toilet paper, there will be a loss of demand for products short term.
If you make toilet paper, there will be a loss of demand for products once the virus scare is over and hoarders start to use inventory

For shaving, I can see downturn in the medium to high end products - not essential like toilet paper.

The economy was strong before and hopefully any downturn is short lived
Italy is no longer the epicenter of wet shaving. That ship sailed a few years back. American artisans make better soap hands down and Gillette will continue to make blades in the Third World. China will be the unknown in the equation as shipping for now is shot in the butt entirely and that will affect brush knots, both badger & synthetic for awhile. Other than that, I see little if any other effect(s).

Living on the edge
Confucius say: even in crisis, hair must grow.

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