I've only been shaving with a SR for a short period of time now. I'm curious, how many shaves do you go between touching up the edge of your straights? Do you normally just let it get dull and then rehone or do you touch it up between rehoning?

How do you know when it is getting dull? Is there a test that you do to determine?
I’ve probably have close to 40 shaves on my first Max Sprecher without a touch up. I can’t imagine it would be needed very often.

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You'll know when it's time to re-hone. Just like you know when it's time to toss your DE blade. When it starts to pull/tug and just doesn't feel as sharp anymore as when it had a fresh edge. There is no real time-frame as there's too many variables. How many times a week do you shave with the razor, your beard type, technique,... Someone with a very coarse beard will blunt the razor faster than someone with a light beard. If you only shave with the SR once a week you could easily shave for months but if you shave every day then it won't last as long. Bad technique in shaving and stropping will also put more strain on the edge.

Some like to touch it up and refresh the edge when it slowly starts to pull until it needs a new honing session. Others just reset the bevel and completely re-hone the razor without wasting time. There's no wrong or right. Whatever works for you. When the shaves becomes uncomfortable it's time to take it to the stones regardless.

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