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I got a free sample with my stirling order, but I've never used pre shave stuff.

I've never really used a pre-shave either, but my understanding is that if its a bar, just rub it into your beard against the grain and then lather on top of it as usual. If its a cream or oil, same thing. Apply to your face before lathering and proceed. I have used straight coconut or jojoba oil before to experiment with it but I didn't notice any discernible difference with the shave so I figure its an unnecessary step for me.
- Jeff

I sometimes use PAA pre shave and I used it like a bar soap; I rub it against the grain and get a slick layer built up and I leave it alone for a while while I get other things prepared (I only use this method if I DON'T shower before my shave). After that I'll rinse it off with some nice hot/warm water, helps to get all of the oil and gunk out of my beard before hand. After that I'll gently rub the puck/bar against the grain again not a lot just enough to know it's there, and then lather as normal Smile

For me that works great, if I don't shower before hand, if I do, I don't need to use the pre shave like this, I'll use an oil or something else.

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