There are many different ways to prep for a shave. It would be interesting to see what different kind of methods we are using.

How do you prepare for the actual shave and why did you choose this method?
I shave right after a shower and wash my face. That is my only prep. I have tried a number of different things and this simply prep works just as well as any of the other things that I have tried.
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I tend to just wet my face (I usually shave my face before showering), get my brush lathered up with whatever soap I'm using, face lather for about 2 minutes and then commence onto the shave.
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Totally post-shower shaver. Seldom do anything else unless I'm on a river trip where it's a face wash with warmer water then a shave.
Face wash with lukewarm water followed by a Preshave oil or cream.

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I wash my face in a hot shower before I shave. I use Musgo Real Lime Glyce Soap,or Kiehl's Facial Fuel. I just tried Stirling Charcoal Facial Soap, and liked it a lot. Before exiting the shower I'll apply Proraso Red or Green Pre-shave cream, or Cella Pre-shave gel.

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I wash my face then make the lather in a bowl.  I then will wet a facecloth with very hot water and hold it against my face for about a minute.  I'll then splash on it little more water and apply the lather.  If I use a pre-shave (GD) I will normally apply it prior to the second pass because for me the second ATG pass is where its needed most.  There is likely some residual pre-shave left for the third pass.  The are of my beard that is from the corners of my mouth downwards is the most challenging part to shave.  Swirl pattern on the neck and the the steel hard whiskers on the line down from the corners of my mouth and on/under my chin make it challenging to get the whiskers off without too much damage or bleeding and I think that short little warm pre-soak helps somewhat.  So does a very sharp blade.

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My latest pre-shave-method. With very good results thanks to the addition of pre-shave oil (currently olive oil as an experiment to determine what it does for me). The addition of pre-shave oil changed the result from DFS to BBS and the irritation went from very little to non-existent.

1. Wet the face with warm water
2. Face lather (works for me / cleansing)
3. Warm/wet towel for about 1,5 minute (softening)
4. Remove shaving soap
5. Add shave oil (protection / better glide / softening?)
6. Apply shaving soap and go for it!

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