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Borrowed this idea from another forum and thought it might be interesting to see what everyone's doing.  For me, I've given away a couple prototype brushes, cleaned out some old software, and tried minimize my stash (gotta make some room!).  Also starting some new brush projects with Lee, and maybe another thing or two. Should be interesting. 

How about you?

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I am getting ready to start a software freeze, including all fragrances. It’s going to be tough for me. I have a couple custom straights coming and will be slowing down to maybe another couple over the course of 2020. Otherwise I’m sure the odd brush will pop in and out over the year like always.

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I’ll be spending time with family. Both of our kids have graduated from university (engineer and nurse) both are working. Our daughter nearby and our son far off. We’ve had the first baby of the next generation born this year (nephew). My 90 year old father seems to be holding up. We all have our health. There is so much to be grateful for and we’ll be taking the time to be thankful and enjoy our time together.

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Will be in Saigon Christmas day, and will watch New Year's Eve fireworks over the rivers in Phnom Penh. Haven't decided yet which razor(s) will make the trip.

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I plan on purchasing a couple new razors, some favorite soaps and aftershaves and going into the 2020 sabbatical on another forum. This year I’m hoping to finally make it to the end.

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Shaving wise, with a bang. A custom Mozingo ZT1 brush and a Rocnel Sailor adjustable will round it out. 2019 has been a great year for gear acquisitions. My hope is to slow it down quite a bit in 2020 and simply enjoy the gear I've collected. I've got the Janus ordered and figure it will be the only razor delivered in 2020...unless I can get in on a Ti Wolfman list.

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I shave every single day so in the DFS world not much will change. I'll spend some time looking at pictures that Brad Sears posts and wondering how he can make his tools do that sort of thing. I'll continue to spread the word of traditional shaving as I've seen how much it has changed my experience with my daily chore. (Got a son-in-law who was plagued by ingrowns who now has none thanks to DE). I plan on saying so long to some of my favorite soapers as that is an annual event in the business. But all that is not what I'll be focused on when the ball drops. I LOVE whitewater and wilderness rivers and during lunch with a young, fit, adventurous young man who has the bug worse than I, we started to plan an Alsek river trip as he figures this is the year for the permit. Helicopters, whitewater, glaciers, bears, landslides. That'll give me something to focus on for a few months! I swear the anticipation and planning is almost better than the event itself.

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Like almost everyone here I’m thinning out the softwares and looking at each of my hardware pieces closely, determining if it’s a release in my catch and release program. I’d like to donate the proceeds to a worthwhile entity like Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital. I need to do a little more in this department, as I get older I understand how fortunate I am. 

I’ve just come back from a beach holiday before the craziness of the holidays begin and closed out my vacation time for 2019. A work trip planned in early January at which time my Superiors want to do a team building trip. I’m hearing Zurs or St Anton. I’m feeling the stress of travel already, but also looking forward to a team building trip! 

2020....New Year, New Rules.......

I’m allowed to purchase 6 razors in 2020, 10 Soap/Splash kits, and 3 brushes. A custom El Druida is going to happen and possibly a Brad Sears Ebonite. The razor purchases will be easy as there isn’t much out there right now I want/need in terms of Modern Razors.  I want the new Tradere as well as another Blackland purchase. There are a couple vintage pieces out there I want but these old guys here just won’t come off these things, lol.  Gentlemen, “you can’t take these razors with you, let some of us younger guys have fun too, lol.”  Joking guys, I hope you all live to shave past 100 and in picture perfect health in doing so!

I would like to attend the Maggard’s Meet 2020, say hello to old and new Friends and enjoy the camaraderie with our people.

And if I forget to say it in a couple weeks; “I hope everyone here at DFS and their families have a HAPPY HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! 

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Just bought a Colonial Silversmith. HOPEFULLY that’s it for me this 2019.
I plan on being sober  Smile

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