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I'm curious to know how everyone holds their razors..

right now I hold my razors towards the end of the handle. I also see people holding their razor just below the head. I'm assuming that holding the razor just below the head allows for greater control.
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For small areas like below my nose or lower lip i hold up high., by the head. For larger areas like my neck and cheek, lower on the handle

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I find my fingers holding closer to the head for control.  That is one of the reasons that I really like the Maggards Razors MR5 handle: it has "finger grips" for me!
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I used to grip it up towards the head, but I've learned over time that it's way easier to not use pressure if I drop it down about halfway. It's more comfortable and I don't feel like I have THAT much less control.

Of course, the smart aleck in me wanted to quote .38 Special and say that I hold on loosely and don't let go.

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Usually my index finger hits right at the base of taper on the handle. Depends on the razor too.

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San Francisco
I hold them at the balance point, more or less, which is usually up pretty close to the head, though not choked all the way up. I try to use a lighter grip (pencil-like), and usually let the end of handle rest on my pinky (unless it's a long handle).
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I hold mine like a baton.

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Towards the head, right near the balance point.

With that said, it is easier for me to find the proper angles this way, being that I'm shaving my head, and I'm either shaving a horizontal surface or an invisible one...towards the head gives me more feeling...
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Like I hold my guitar pick. Index and thumb. I like long handles so this affords me the opportunity to handle the razor better.

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Oddly enough, when I'm head shaving and concentrating on light pressure, I find my pinky coming off the handle like I'm drinking tea. Weird, but it happens subconsciously...

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