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This is one of Marvelous Time Piece by Vacheron Consantin ever with such cool complications!!

Powering the most complicated watch ever made is the double-sided Calibre 3752. 

On top of its world-first Chinese perpetual calendar, it integrates complications covering the entire horological spectrum in their most accomplished form.

The chronograph features a split-second function;
The phases of the moons require no correction for 1,027 years!!

1z The Gregorian perpetual calendar is in accordance with the ISO 8601 standard:

The small seconds are the retrograde kind, compensating for the time taken for the hand to jump back.

The tourbillon has three rotational axes.

The sky chart rotates according to the sidereal day (23h, 56m, 4.095.

The day/night indicator of the second time zone is engraved with an azimuthal polar protection.

This is truly from Geometry to Artistry one of a kind ever made atm.


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