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I was reading the brush care thread and I saw a great display picture posted by Freddy.

[Image: DE0AeCt.jpg]

Do any other members have a display setup like that? Or even a hand made brush / razor stand? If so, post a picture, I like to see the creativity of you wet shavers.

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Not homemade but rather repurposed.  In it's former life, my Lather Catcher stand was a pipe rack. Smile  I picked it up for $12.00 in an antique store in Hocking Hills, Ohio several years ago.

[Image: TVkkYJq.jpg]

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When I first began shaving with a real blade probably like most folks I used more or less what I had. Here I used a portion of the bath room cabinet. The brushes are hanging from a piece of sheet aluminum I fabricated to hold them. The glass shelf was something I had cut and that I added to the existing shelf holders.
[Image: DSC03272-1.jpg]

That worked for approx' 6 months and I was congratulating myself that I wasn't going nuts with the various ADs. The above picture was taken right before the ADs kicked in. I soon outgrew what's seen there.

Soon after I decided to make my own cabinet. I knew that I probably wouldn't be able find what I wanted and being a DIYer...
[Image: DSC04246_zpskhwfddn6.jpg]

The carcass is made of locally grown and harvested red oak, as are the door frames. If memory serves the panels are of 1/4" Honduran oak plywood. The inside back is white stained (the term is "pickled") Hon' oak ply.

Here it is with the doors open.
[Image: DSC04245_zpsmoclhx9j.jpg]

After making it I decided I would stop collecting when it filled up. I more or less did, :-) except for the long term storage containers resting on top of the cabinet. They can just be seen.

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That's absolutely impressive. Envious.  You have a Honda Civic on your shave den..... For insurance comparisons of course. Smile
I use pen stands

[Image: cotX9Y8.jpg]

[Image: 9ablp7i.jpg]

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(07-21-2015, 09:25 AM)captain_hx Wrote: I use pen stands


That's really cool, where do you purchase those from?


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(07-21-2015, 09:25 AM)captain_hx Wrote: I use pen stands

Now that's clever.  I am always interested in how we repurpose things for use in our shaving hobby.
Thank you Freddy!

I got them from China really cheap. 

Quality on these things is crap. l beleive they are selling what doesn't make it through quality control and cannot be selled in the real retail market. 

But they do the job and they are ridiculously cheap.
I now got everything in one place but i feel I will be needing a second display cabinet very soon. 

[Image: ht9Bumi.jpg]

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im working on a full office re-do and will have lots of storage and display cases hanging for all my shave stuff. i have a office in the house as well as one in my business. i have a bunch of stuff in a case at my office where i see clients and many of them like to look at all the shaving items. will post pics once i hang the displays

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