Philadelphia, PA
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Hi All,

First I'd like to thank Homelikeshaving for sending us 2 razors to pass around the forum and then agree to allow us to raffle them off to benefit the site once the pass arounds were done. I'd also like to thank CK89 for originally coordinating this.

We're raffling off the first of two Homelike Shaving Start DE razors that were used in the DFS pass around.

This raffle will run for 3 days, Monday - Wednesday and will close at 11:59pm EST. At 12am, I'll lock the thread. Whoever has agreed to pay the most for the razor when this thread is locked will be the winner. This razor will come with exactly everything that was sent to me in the box: the start razors plus all of its base plates, lifetime warranty card, nylon washer and a few DE blades.

Here's a listing of the serial numbers from each base plate:
S/N - 01404 - 0.90 gap OC
S/N - 01324 - 0.69 gap SB
S/N - 00811 - 0.90 gap SB
S/N - 01011 - 1.18 gap SB

Now for some photos...

[Image: ylRoX1Q.jpg]

[Image: sUD0eey.jpg]

[Image: vhiamw8.jpg]

[Image: 1rgxTFz.jpg]

[Image: MG18BhK.jpg]

[Image: P1FVAAJ.jpg]

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Lets get it started with $50 bid

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I'll bid $65

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let's make it $80

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I'll bid $100.

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Philadelphia, PA
couple hours left on this - get your raffles in!
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
ok $105

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I'll play. $110

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My bid $175

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