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Though it's true we are selling Tactical Stockings we will not be selling this CAMO Version! You Probably Also Want To Know What's In It? 
  • The NEW Ascension SELECT DOC Razor
  • Ultra Premium Ould Spice CK-6 Formula Shave Soap
  • Limited Edition Christmas CUBE Preshave
  • Matching Oud Spice Artisan Aftershave/Cologne
  • Official Phoenix Shaving Patch
  • Cold Spices Artisan Small Batch Deodorant
  • Official Phoenix Shaving Hot Towel
  • 5 Month Supply of DE Blades
  • No Slip Grip Alum & Travel Case
  • Mysterium Serum Sample Packet
  • Star Jelly Aftershave Sample Packet
  • Phoenix Shaving Styptic Pencil
  • Replica Retro Style Ceramic Blade Bank
  • Rugged & Built To Last Tactical Bug-Out Stocking
The PERFECT Gift For Newb or Old Dog Wet Shaver! Contains practically everything one needs to have a killer traditional shave at home or in a battle zone! You will absolutely love this piece of Xmas Gear; Complete with Heavy Duty Corrosive Resistant Clips, Side Zipper For Easy Access, Velcro Clasp Pouch, Robust Handle and Half Moon Loops!
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