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I've found a razor that works well enough for me that I'm not looking anymore. It's a Maggard open comb v2 on an MR18c handle. (OK, I'm still curious about the Merkur Progress. Someday).

I was given the head back in April. Took a few days to get used to it, and I still very occasionally get a bit of razor burn, but on the whole it's just about right. Gives much better feedback than my EJ Kelvin & generally closer shaves.

I bought the handle because I'd tried a heavy, short, thick handle (ikon Bulldog) & hated it, & I wanted to see if I'd like a heavy, long, thin handle, and Maggard's selling the MR18c for $9. Turns out I like it very much, and I like the color as well, and that price is just a steal.

One thing, though: Both Maggard & Sharpologist have recommended the open comb v2 for beginners.


It's a great second razor, but if I'd started with this one I'd probably be back to using cartridges.

As for the soap, I'm primarily a cream user, but Sapone di Paolo is hands down my favorite soap (keeping in mind that I've only tried 8-10 different makers, and a few of the more highly-regarded ones made my skin break out). The scents are on the light side for me (I prefer "Bosco" [Forest] of the two that I have, but with the weather we're having the lime seemed a better idea), and it tends to leave my skin feeling a bit tight, but it's an effortless, excellent shave.

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