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Hi all I have noticed lately, that there has been alot of high end razors for sale like Timeless,Charcoal,ATT & Wolfman. It got me thinking why as you have spent alot of money for them. I know I have on my S1 + S2 razors.
But saying that I realised the other morning when I picked up my Merkur 34C, that I don't use my ATT as much as I should do!
I mean I get good shaves from my ATT's but I am just not reaching for them as much as my Edwin, Bluebeards or my 34c.
So I thought about it for awhile( yes it did hurt  Smile ) as I get good shaves from all my razors. So my thought was, that because they are alot cheaper & perform just the same as my ATT's & feel just as good in my hand as well as on my face. I decided it was the value for money in shave terms. Don't get me wrong the build quality on my cheaper razors is good(especially the Edwin's chrome plating) but my ATT's is better & is made from better material.
Now I maybe stating the obvious here, but in shaving terms they all perform great.
So is it the same for you guys, do you fine your self using your less expensive razors more.
Also which razors are they & why.

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I don't use my wolfman that much.

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I have been using only my Timeless since I recieved it. Great shaver.

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I don't really have super expensive razors and my newer razors, like my iKons or RazoRock Hawks (both aluminum and stainless steel) didn't have through the stratosphere prices when I purchased them.  I get excellent shaves from both my vintage and contemporary razors, be they DE, SE, Injector, or Artist Club type so I have never had the desire to own a more upscale model.  Also, the razors with several heads for adjustability have never held any appeal as storage is already tight for me.

Ultimately, everyone has different wants and needs and I would imagine answers to this question (an interesting one, by the way) will be all over the map.  I'm looking forward to others' thoughts. Smile

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Interesting question. I have a collection of vintage Gillettes, most of which are stored away, with a few out and ready to serve. I bought them long before there was much demand but I do treasure them. I also have a couple of Merkur 34Cs and an Edwin Jagger, a Mergress and the new Parker version of the Mergress. As for pricey razors, I have an ATT M1, S1, and SE closed comb, and a Wolfman.

I used the Wolfman as my daily shaver for about a year and a half when it first arrived. Eventually, to compare it to my ATT M1 I put it away and out came the ATT. (For my face, there is no discernible difference in the feel or quality of the shave between the two). In a recent bout of RAD I bought the S1 and the SE.

Most days I use a Feather AC or the Kai equivalent. Days that I want to use a DE I usually use the M1. The S1 is, for now, a special occasion razor. I really love it. So, to give you a longwinded response, I do favor the ATT over the less expensive razors. The ATT is just so much fun to look at and feel in the hand and on the face, as is the Wolfman and the other ATTs.

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I only have stainless steel razors or vintage razors. I don't like using the vintage though because they don't have enough blade feel. I did get good shaves from my Merkur when I had it, but I didn't like having to adjust the blade every time I changed it out. I like my "high end" stainless steel razors because I don't have to do that. I also like that the ones I own have a little more blade feel to them. I'm able to keep my angle and use less pressure when I feel the blade, so I get less irritation.

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I use whatever works for me...I have very challenging skin to shave so finding something that's sufficient has been quite the task. I've been very pleased with my ikon tech and the r41.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Two good razors which demonstrate one doesn't have to invest large dollars for fancy materials to get a great "modern" shave.

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I'm enjoying the Baby Smooth a lot these days. I've had one for a very long time, but now that it's readily available, I find myself using it more.

It really depends. Honestly I'd rather enjoy inexpensive razors, cause at least they are easier to replace or get a back up.

I still enjoy having some of my other stuff here, but that's just the hobbyist in me. Practically speaking readily available and inexpensive razors has a big plus point for me.

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I am throwing down the gauntlet.

I defy any of today's razors to best my Rolls Razors, my 5 Schick Razors and my 11 GEM Razors.
Mine are all single edge razors. But yours may have as many edges as you wish. I understand they now top up at 6 but you may go as high as you wish.

Many of my 14 Rolls' need proper honing. Those that need it will be exempted.

I am now going to find a windmill to practice on

Mickey (Don Mickey to you.)

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