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Hi all
        I have shaved with a DE razor since my dad showed me how to use his black handle super speed on my bum fluff in 1981 (one swish and it was gone)
DE shaving was dying a death at that time in the eighty's as blokes from this time would remember (mostly cartridge razors )  Sad
Its been great to see it come storming back  and with so many great looking new designs
I have also collected DE and SE razors for 21 years now mainly Gillette  and  Valet Auto
I also have a few EverReady, Gems ,English and German brands
(I even have my Dads super speed as he don't use it any more )
I also collect old DE blade hones and have a number of complete vintage DE blade store display

I love to share pics of my collection and see other peoples stuff
and to talk about Shaving stuff as I am mainly into vintage DE and SE razors I know nothing about Straight razors
look forward to meeting you on the forum
See ya

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Welcome. Smile
Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

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Welcome to DFS and enjoy your stay. We look forward to seeing your collection. Happy2

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Enjoy the forum and thanks for joining.
G'day and welcome to DFS.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum Smile.

I am looking forward to your pictures and your discussions
Hope to see and hear them soon.
They are the next best thing to the real thing.


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Hi Vittocia, and welcome to the forum!
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