I have been at this hobby for a little while now but never really hung out on many forums. Right now my favorite gear is ATT M1 and R1 heads on my custom Triad and my Simpsons Chubby 2 Manchurian in Tortoise. Too many favorite soaps to count but Chatillon Lux Toners are easily my favorite aftershave product. Lately I have caught the brush bug. I need all of the Two Band brushes I can find =) Looking forward to talking and meeting some new people.

Austin, TX
Welcome to DFS HuckKing723 - you have some great gear! I have also become a great fan of hawns Chatillon Lux products. Some of the best post shave products on the market IMHO. Which is your favorite flavor?

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Thanks!!! They do make some wonderful stuff. Hawns is a pretty great guy as well so it makes ordering stuff much easier. Out of his normal offerings Vide Poche is probably my favorite followed by Colonia Balsamica and La Quatrieme Ville. The fougere he made for TSM is pretty great also. My hands down favorite though is Alexander's Rose. It is a custom he made for me with rose, vetiver, sandalwood, pepper and some other stuff. Smells amazing.

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You are welcome to Damn Fine Shave , Huck.
DE Gillette

Surrey, UK
Welcome to DFS.
Where abouts in new jersey? Quite a few if us from there.
Born and raised in East Windsor/Hightstown. Currently living in Dayton/South Brunswick. I love being right in the middle of the state. Everything is 45 min away. Where are you at?

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Port Saint Lucie
Welcome and enjoy the forum.

Los Angeles

Welcome to DFS!
- Jeff

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