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I hate using alum on the skin directly, for the known irritation problems.
Mainly because I suffer from aggressive seborrheic dermatitis.
So I turned the solid product into an aftershave solution.
I call It HGA Alum Lotion, where acronym stands for Hydro Glyco Alcohol.
Actually a simple after shave lotion, with water, glycerin and alcohol.

Liquid phase:
70% ... Deionized water (in the supermarket)
20% ... Ethyl Alcohol USP
10% ... Glycerol USP
q.s. .... Fragrances / essential oils (see note)
q.s. .... Menthol Crystal USP (see note)

Solid Phase:
14% ... Rock alum (mg/ml to be calculated on the total water)

Per 100g of finished solution:
10g ... Rock Alum
70g ... Water
20g ... Ethyl Alcohol USP
10g ... Glycerol USP

Pulverize the Alum (with a salt mill or similar) or buy it in powder (Potassium Aluminium Sulfate USP).
Dissolve it in the water.
Add the glycerol and shake the solution (in case of installation) until the solution is renewed.
Add the alcohol in which the fragrances and menthol crystals have been dissolved (if any). Shake as above.

Simple and effective recipe, which allows you to have the benefits of alum and alcohol.
All associated with a pinch of glycerin for a better post-shave sensation.
Since I also use an ASL / ASB aftershave in succession, I don't add fragrances.

[Image: ADTkZXL.jpg]

• Alum quantity is almost at saturation point to avoid residues to be filtered.
• Menthol Crystals USP up to 3% (referring only to the weight of ethyl alcohol, being insoluble in water and irritating).
• If you want a glacial-anesthetic effect, It's perfect ... or low the point above.
• Fragrances or essential oils are alcohol soluble with different ratio, see the specs.

The alum is in enough, but does not come to give the known results of pure crystal on wet skin.
Besides, the good thing of this formula is that it's VERY flexible.
You can tune:
• the amount of glycerin, increasing it if you prefer a more moisturizing action.
• add alcohol if you prefer more intense "slap" action.

The doses are all in % in order not to bust the solubility ratio of the Alum.
From which the advice of "Shake before use".
It can be diluted, but not concentrated ... without adding other components to balance pH and density.
The lotion seems to have a high alcoholic tone, but in reality it is only 40% against a generous dose of menthol crystals.

Enjoy.  Wink

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That is outstanding!

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I wish more people made after shave with Alum. PAA Sin is a damn good aftershave splash that I really do love! The bracing feeling and then it smooths over in seconds on the face. I should try making this one in the future. Thanks for sharing!

Forio d'Ischia, Naples, Italy
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(03-28-2020, 12:15 AM)zaclikestoshave Wrote: I should try making this one in the future.
Mine is simple, not as Sin.
But It works fine.
Let me know ...

Are you sure about Alum in Sin?
I do not know this AS, but in the main product page INCI has not Alum.

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