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hey there,.. 

just joined in Smile. I'm a straight shaver and a straight razors restorer every now and than, although lately the lack of time makes me a DE shaver over the week and a restorer "not any more"

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Philadelphia, PA
hi, thanks for joining the site.
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Los Angeles
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Hi Miha! Thanks for joining!

He is being modest, he is making tons of stuff with his hands, plus he's a cool dude Big Grin

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome. Smile
thanks for the welcome guys Smile
britev.si .. Smile 
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well guys, since SoapSmooth mentioned my work, here are some straights restos cleaned up and rescaled by me Smile

Black Devil in ebony
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20076271a.jpg]

[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20076282a.jpg]

Heljestrand MK32 in olive wood
[Image: 2013-09%20Razor04-MihaCrnigoj13a.jpg]

Bur in bloodwood (roxinho)
[Image: 2014-01%20MihaCrnigoj%20-%20Bur%2006.jpg]

Engelswerk 85 in mahogony
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20076077a.jpg]

G Johnson in horn
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20076256a.jpg]

shorty save form
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20076649a.jpg]

electric razor in bloodwood
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20076667a.jpg]

Electric razor (left), Kukri in zebrano (right) and a shorty below
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20076671-Edita.jpg]

D peres just cleaned up (original scales)
[Image: britev-si-D-Peres%20(3).jpg]

...and some wooden rings Smile
..a bunch of Big Grin
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20072483a.jpg]

iroko, cumaru, wenge and maple 
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20072453a.jpg]

bent veneer
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20072429a.jpg]

[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20072424a.jpg]

[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20072412a.jpg]

ebony + concrete composit
[Image: MihA%20CrnigoJ%20-%20078106a.jpg]

party boy .... mahagony with glow in the dark centerpiece
[Image: PartyBoy.jpg]

olive wood
[Image: crnigoj-si%20(5).jpg]

bearrings from blued 100 yrs old oak from a cave
[Image: earrings%20blued%20oak%20(4)a.jpg]

nut made out of nut wood Smile
[Image: IMG_4323.jpg]

with its original brother
[Image: IMG_4317.jpg]

color pencils ring and earrings (not my idea)
[Image: britev.si.jpg]

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britev.si .. Smile 

Los Angeles
Ha! You gotta post those straights in the other section, I'm sure people will appreciate it.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Beautiful work!

Los Angeles
My wife still wears one of your rings, I gotta steal it to take a pic.
Hello neighbour Smile

Really beautiful work!
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