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I’m Pete Hendrix of Nashville, TN and want to introduce you to Hendrix Classic Razors.  Check out my website at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HendrixClassicRazors or by Googling:  etsy HendrixClassicRazors.

I’ll be adding several new razors this week.

I love making straight razor scales (the handle) and have turned this hobby into a business. As an artistic craftsman, I spend a lot of time viewing and holding the scales followed by correcting anything that doesn’t feel right.

My business model is to purchase Dovo straight razors at wholesale pricing and replace the scales with custom ones. I can make scales for your blade as well.

Customer experience really matters to me and following are policies to support this:

• Trade-In Program:  If you get ready for something different, you can trade it for a comparable, previously-used razor for $55, which includes return shipping costs.
• Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.  Scales (the handle) is warranted to survive being dropped.  The warranty doesn’t cover damage to the blade that I can’t fix, though I’ll replace the blade at my cost if you break it.
• 30-day return policy.  I’ll pay return shipping if you haven’t used it.  If you shave with it and aren’t happy, let me try to address the issue.  If it isn’t addressed to your satisfaction I’ll return your money.

There are roughly three grades of scales, which include a new, unused Dovo blade:

Standard: Around $200
Best: Around $300
Heirloom: Around $400

Standard:  Comparable fit and finish to Dovo’s scales, which is somewhat rough in my view.  These will normally be materials such as Acrylic or polyester resin, G10 and some woods.  The wedge will be wedge shaped, though not the .9999 Silver on the other models

Best:  The wedge is made .9999 fine silver – which is pretty close to pure.  Next, think about writing with a rectangular carpenter’s pencil vs a round one. Most pens and pencils are round because they fit out hands better. Straight razor scales that are convex (having rounding) fit hands better in the same manner. I spend a lot of time using a scraper and sanding to get this right. Fit and finish will be noticeably better than Standard.

Materials will be Micarta, premium man-made products, G10/Carbon Fiber, etc…

Heirloom:  Everything included with Best, with more refined fit and finish.  Materials will include Horn, Carbon Fiber, stableized wood, etc…

Here are some pics:

[Image: guestaccess.aspx?docid=02228a39eaf4147d3...fa997a15f5]

[Image: guestaccess.aspx?docid=05018517dccb64a4e...70a8ae92ab]

[Image: guestaccess.aspx?docid=0cc12b929d93f42e4...6fc3d9b064]

[Image: guestaccess.aspx?docid=0a58251e244f046cb...adc3cb9003]

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Pete123, congratulations on this venture. The scales on your Etsy site are beautiful.Happy2

At the end of your introduction here, you write “Here are some pics:” but I don’t see any posted. Any chance you could add some because your work really is elegant.

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Best of luck with your business venture Pete123 ! Those scales look beautiful.

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(11-27-2017, 06:04 PM)Marko Wrote: Best of luck with your business venture Pete123 !  Those scales look beautiful.

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good luck with the business, Pete123.

if you're pumping out scales that look that nice, maybe we'll see some brush handles from you in the future...? Tongue
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andrewjs18, Interesting that you bring up brush handles as I'm already thinking toward them. We already have some awesome brush handle turners on DFS, so I'm thinking about how to do something a little different than the other fine craftsmen.

One of my ideas is using different materials. I would love to learn how to turn horn brush handles. Horn presents a set of challenges in working with it, though I would like to figure out the formula for success. Also thinking about bone. I'm in the process of learning how to dye bone.

I could also branch out into knife make, though I don't know if the wet shaving crowd likes knifes.

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