New Mexico USA
Hello Folks I need help with this particular straight Razors, I really want one but the question is which one ????
Is too many out there it’s like buying beer
Way too many to choose from.
Shapes, sizes, numbers etc etc
If someone knows about this matter please let me know, for reference I like big blades 7/8-8/8 don’t know which friodur blade will meet this specs.
Anyways any info will be much appreciated
Thank you

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Max Sprecher
Las Vegas, NV
For starters I have never shaved with a Henckels that wasn't good. The vintage ones of course. The newer Henckels are not of the same quality. The Friodur are very smooth shavers. Numbers have never made any sense. I've seen several iterations of the same number and they all looked different. Go with whatever your budget allows. Size and grind is personal. I personally like the older J.A. Henckels Twinworks and one of my personal shavers is a 17 1/2 Friodur. My favorite sizes in SR's are anything 7/8 and up. I can shave with any grind as I have a normal beard and although I shaved with mostly full hollow for decades I much prefer the 1/4 hollow to wedge type of razors.

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