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Is there anyone here who uses Google Voice and has ported his/her landline number over to it?  If so, what cell phone did you use to start the porting?  Would an inexpensive Tracfone or Straight Talk kit work for this?  Can you give step by step instructions as to how you did it?  Looking on the internet, there seem to be slight differences in how folks ported their number and any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Never ported a land line. Is that even possible? I was under the impression that portinf only applies to cell numbers.

Seems like this may help however.


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Thanks, Spencer.  I have seen this article and there are others that are more current.  I get the general drift, which is why I asked about cheap cell phone kits to do this.  

You are correct, landline numbers cannot be ported directly to Google Voice.  The landline number has to be ported from the landline to an active cell phone and then from the cell phone to Google Voice.  The intermediate step with the cell phone is just that; I would not bother with it anymore once the number I want is successfully ported.

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