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Good morning All,

I recently received my first badger brush for Fathers Day. My first shave was great. The brush really performed well, however I have not had the same success in the if my shaves this week. I'm finding that the first pass is fine, but after that it starts to lack. I'm not getting a ton of lather after the first pass and it seems to dicipate. I am a cold wet shaver and this week I've only used B&M, MLS and Mike's. Those are all great soaps that I've never had an issue with using my synthetic brush.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Justin, happy Father's day! Out of curiosity, what kind of badger brush did you get [knot size, etc.]?

I'd likely start with a heavier load. Not sure what you were using prior but the water retention properties of a natural brush are different than a synthetic. I'd also ensure that you soak your new badger brush prior to loading. I typically fill a small bowl with warm water [not hot; you should be able to leave your finger in it for 10+ seconds comfortably]. As you are a cold water shaver, no issues there but just in case as you don't want to damage your knot with scalding water down the road.

For harder soaps, I also personally "bloom" them with a teaspoon or so of water on top of the puck. I then leave both the brush and the soap while I shower. Load and shave after.

Hope this helps as a starting point and please do keep us posted as to your success!

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I would suggest you load your brush much longer than you are used to and work the lather for longer as badgers require more soap and time than synthetics. Good luck. Shy

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Just got the Stirling badger, and one of the first thing I noticed is having to load a bit more than my synthetics.

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That's pretty much normal between synthetics and badgers momor Happy2

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(06-24-2016, 04:43 PM)celestino Wrote: I would suggest you load your brush much longer than you are used to and work the lather for longer as badgers require more soap and time than synthetics.  Good luck.  Shy

Yes! Load, load, load, they make more soap Big Grin

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Load your badger much longer than your synthetic.

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What they all said.... Load it like you stole it. Then enjoy that awesome soft scrub.

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Not only are badgers much more expensive than synthetics, they also use more soap to generate the same amount of lather.

A Lamborghini is also more expensive than a BMW 330i, it also uses more gaz to drive the same distance - and it does not drive as comfortable - but it looks and feels great to drive !!

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark

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